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Well it goes like this the fourth, the fifth.. [entries|friends|calendar]
Faded Halos

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[29 Nov 2008|04:24pm]
Rugby. It's utterly depressing when you're losing, ridiculously tense when it's close and absolutely amazing when you win.

Wales beat Australia 21 - 18. Tense, but oh so good.
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[28 Nov 2008|09:58pm]
I would really love a Leslie Cheung discography. But none seem to exist. Bad times.

I really need to tidy my room, my head is as cluttered. I'm doubting myself lately, and other things.

I haven't made a proper film in ages, the current one has been fucked over several times, I can't just go on and film it, I think I need a short new project to throw out and refresh my confidence. Something quick and impressive. I have an idea, I have an incredible location. I'm questioning whether I want to waste it on this small 1-3 minute project, but I get the feeling I can just go ahead and reuse it some other time.

Thing is, I'm tangled in the middle of a different project, a college project. The poem thing that was brought up recently. Which, with doubts of being an able, isn't really helping with the efforts.

We've had one filming day, it was pretty much a disaster. It constantly rained for several hours, we filmed through the rain with disastrous results. I haven't received a response from my cameraman who stormed off at the very end of the shoot. It just could've gone better.

But then, it seems really forced. Working with a cameraman who seems to want to undermine you and use his own ideas which are usually pretty bad.

Went to see Danny Boyle do a Q&A the other day. Though I've only seen one of his films, he seems to be an interesting voice. He showed a clip of his new film (which, the clip was decent but kidfromSkins showing notable lack of acting ability and then Boyle attempting to recreate the atmosphere of City of God in a chase sequence and failing).

I don't know where this serious doubt is coming from, perhaps it's that the last film I did was in early summer, that being A Gamblers Revenge.
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[28 Nov 2008|12:11am]
We want Juju back. :(
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[21 Nov 2008|03:44pm]
Okay, now the BBC are the ones bringing up the Ross/Brand phone calls.

And I thought (hoped) it had died.
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[21 Nov 2008|02:49pm]
The new Astro Boy teaser is notably strangely epic.
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[16 Nov 2008|03:23am]
It's 3am and my eyes hurt. I've spent far too many hours of the day playing the demo of Left 4 Dead (new zombie online fps by Valve) which I foolishly pre-ordered.

I'm pretty sure I was going to mention something, but you know; it's 3am and my eyes hurt.
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[11 Nov 2008|06:27pm]
I am listening to far too much Leslie Cheung lately.
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[11 Nov 2008|11:07am]
Does anyone have any cool/decent poems/poetry?

New unollege project - need something to make it into a film. It'd seem.
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[08 Nov 2008|12:57am]
I shouldn't buy websites. I never use them.

The new one is:

I figured someone had to.

The previous websites that I had/have bought just end up doing nothing. Currently slowly dying is jamreviews.net or something around those lines, a review site that never got done.

Here's to another.
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[04 Nov 2008|12:29pm]
Last night I dreamt that I met Wong Kar-Wai, and after introducing myself we spent a fair while discussing films and our films, and then we got in a car and went off to meet Chris Doyle. After talking for a little while and talking about a few of my films, (apparently, only one of them actually existed, which seemed bizarre) my brother jumped out from somewhere and ruined our hanging out, which was as my dad woke me up.

I missed Halloween, I was in London attending the Golden Joystick awards, which was a good example of why free alcohol is not a good idea. But it was awesome and I met loads of game/marketing people. The person who gave me the ticket explained that I'd done a John Woo film, which prompted the people we were sitting with on our table (who later sort of offered me a job-ish) to believe that I produced the last John Woo film. Not smooth.

So no pumpkins, though I am tempted to find one and do the deed. But it's not likely. D'oh.

Boredommmm, someone talk.
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[26 Oct 2008|05:32pm]
American Football, it's on BBC2 at the moment.

The opening line is really disjointed because i'm pretty sure it's a form of mind control. This is the first time I've ever actually sat down and watched it, since usually it's on at the same time as the Boxing (ie. 2-3am) and I've never had the inspiration to wait up that time to watch something I probably wouldn't be that bothered by.

But yeah, it's crazy. I'm pretty sure I've been watching for an hour or so now, and I get the feeling very little has happened. I was taken aback by the whole situation, the action happened, then I was attacked by a huge amount of replays, and videos of players in practice or in other matches, back to the game but this time with some strange new rule that doesn't make any sense, and probably didn't need to be that complicated, more replays, more pictures of players and videos, the commentators chanting words at me, random numbers, suddenly back to the studio with people who are clearly enthralled by what's going on.

It's crazy, I just sat there feeling feeling really empty-headed, the actual action going on wasn't that interesting, and with a load of flashing imagery and numbers, I just started losing track of things.

It sort of makes that generic image that we get over on this side of the ocean, of middle aged men sitting in their chair with a bottle of beer watching the football on TV and trying to avoid conversation with anyone and trying to follow what's going on.

It's just so complicated. Even writing this was pretty tough with all the crazy action going on in the corner of my eye.
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[24 Oct 2008|06:20pm]

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[22 Oct 2008|01:28pm]



Mainly just for me and the Soph.

Halloween soon.
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[12 Oct 2008|05:42pm]
You can only hope, that with her Dressage horse clothing line and her recent Dressage appearance at the Horse of the Year show that she'd represent GBR at the 2012 Olympic Dressage!

It must happen. It just must.
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[05 Oct 2008|01:54am]
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[03 Oct 2008|01:11am]
Had a troubling week (note to self: it's barely halfway through the week).

University has started (or as I now call it, 'unollege'), and things didn't start off well. My fears and so on were rightly planted. With all of my friends gone, I've had to try and infiltrate groups where there are people I don't actually like. There are only 4 new people, and trying to make conversation with them is hard, but that'll go with time.

Things are incredibly awkward with the ex-girlfriend. I'm not hurting from her or anything, it's just I generally not only find things awkward to interact with her, I've just found myself not 'digging' anything about her anymore. She's clearly far too busy thinking she's hilarious (which seems such a dramatic change from the old but there you go).

'I just can't be bothered'. But I doubt saying that in an actual conversation would win any points.

The first day was ultimately depressing, the second day was verging on the suicidal (heh), but at least the third day things weren't as bad.

But yeah, things are in no way good at the moment. It's just something I have to grit and get on with, but you know. I've been blogging for far too many years and you should be used to my complaining.
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[24 Sep 2008|08:28pm]
Blah. So bored lately.
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[17 Sep 2008|06:16pm]
Last night my brain seemed to go crazy and started splurting out (great use of words) some ideas, so I've pretty much got a solid film idea to just go ahead and begin work when I get hold of some equipment.

Aside from that, Halloween is coming! Which means going to the shop and buying some pumpkins with a few friends, getting drunk and carving some pumpkins. Last years was the Park Myung Soo pumpkin, how time flies.

Christmas brings some extreme Christmas card action. I'll try and make the cards somewhat better than last year (which were pretty awful). But that's a little while away.

I just want to get on, get to uni and meet the new people. And make some films. It's been far too long.
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[15 Sep 2008|12:24am]
I watched Fatal Move today, I decided to random give it a watch since it's one of Danny Lee's (of The Killer fame) and plus Wu Jing is getting pretty interesting lately (though I'm not entirely sure when he hasn't been).

So yeah, what the hell. One of the oddest films I have sat through. First I was slightly confused because it seemed to be glorifying violence a little way too much. But the violence on a whole was pointless, I just didn't get it.

A character gets his throat slit, we're all in shock! We have some emotional connection with this character (spoiler-free)! But incase his death wasn't enough, the killer pushes him over and starts repeatedly stabbing him in the head while he slowly dies. Moment ruined.

Another great moment of the film would be the torture scene which I seemed to remember from the trailer months ago. A woman is getting beaten while tied up (provocative already, eh) since she's getting interrogated. They want answers, she's saying she doesn't know. Simon Yam(!) gets some pliers and pulls a tooth out. ..Okay, it's Oldboy all over again, just without the realism and with terrible sound effects. He asks again, she tells him she knows nothing. He reaches in and yanks out another tooth. Now we're starting to push it a bit far here! He continues to ask her questions, she AGAIN pleads that she knows nothing. He now graphically pulls a fingernail off. Uhhh, alright? The line was crossed a while ago, surely he'd take a hint by now. But! the script proves me wrong, and she begins explaining the story. Randomly Wu Jing flies out of nowhere and stabs her with a large knife in her thigh. Which, as random as anything seeing as she was confessing, has only slowed her confessing down somewhat with the crazy pain. Simon Yam and co turn around and discuss if she's telling the truth (note, she's missing two teeth, is heavily beaten, missing a fingernail and has a large knife sticking out of her thigh). What an odd, odd film.

I gave up watching it for the final part, though I might check back to see what crazy antics Wu Jing has left in store, who in two moments of the film has randomly flown through a mass group of people and cut off their limbs and generally killed them with his samurai sword.

What a strange film.
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[10 Sep 2008|04:31pm]
So the London Film Festival list came out today.

None of the films I was hoping for were there.
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